House Gallery


Robert Verheyen and Marianne Haes followed the Academy of Art in Berchem-Antwerp. After that still a few years in Tienen and Ostend.

Our removal to the beachtown Ostend did change our way of thinking about art and Painting. We felt that it had to happen here because Ostend has a good policy of Art. This gave us a boost.

By renting an old house on the Mijnplein, dating from the early nineteen hundreds we came to the conclusion to open our doors for permanent exhibitions, at first for our own works, but also in combination with those of host artists.


  • 2004 – Groupexpo: Galerie Campo & Campo
  • 2014 – Mill of Stene – Ostende
  • OC De Blomme Ostende.


Paintings of Verheyen Robert

Our works are mostly painted oil on canvas.

Paintings of Marianne Haes

Contact :

Address : MIJNPLEIN 6, 8400 OOSTENDE, Belgium.
Email :
mobile : Robert Verheyen 0032 (0)475/78 49 11